How To Become A Sugar Daddy When You Know Nothing About It

If you’re here, you're probably sick of all this basic life and want to go into a real adventure. The first thing to change is your private life. Yeah, who said you can’t afford to hang out with young models? You’re rich, attractive, and living your best days, so why not try to change something? Girls are searching for you right now, catch the wave, and get a sugar baby!

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Seeking Arrangement

For most people, it’s hard to understand what’s like to be in a sugar relationship. They start creating some crazy thoughts and meanings which are completely different from the truth. On this page, you’ll find everything about who are sugar daddies and their babies, how to start such a relationship and what are benefits from all this.

Sugar daddy meaning

They can be pretty different, but there can be one portrait of a typical daddy. He’s a married or single man over 40 who has everything in his life. Successful career or business, life experience, and maybe some good relationship. But there was something missing in his life…

One day he woke up and decided to change something. He has money, a job, family… What’s wrong? He can’t feel he gets everything he deserves. The first step is women. That’s the time when he could afford any girl he wants, so why not do this?

Sugar daddy is a man who dates young hot girls for money and presents without any relationship, love, and dramas. Good examples are Hugh Hefner or Dan Bilzerian. They're actually examples of an old school and a contemporary daddies.

Sugar daddy lifestyle

Hef was an old man who had dozens of bunny girls in his Playboy mansion. That was an era of naked Pam Anderson on his white parties, fancy TV-shows on MTV, and all that. But after his death, it seems like he got his main follower, Bilzerian. A modern Instagram-guy who takes pictures with a bunch of naked girls, hanging off with them 24/7. Most men could ask if he ever even been tired, at least sometimes?!

Anyway, if you’re not a venture millionaire but still have some good money, you can afford it too. Moreover, sugar babes are a good reason to get motivated and earn even more money. Maybe that was your goal? So, encourage yourself with some hot babes. Do you think The Wolf of Wall Street didn’t do it?!

That was a really good explanation of the sugar daddy lifestyle. He never stops grinding, having fun, and getting what he wants. That’s his life and he deserves it all. Sugar babies are what makes him feel like a real man, motivates him, and brings joy to his life.

Benefits of being a sugar daddy

His lifestyle is actually a whole big benefit. To sum it up and find some more good things in it, let’s state the main benefits of being a sugar daddy.

  1. Hanging out with sexy girls. It has to be first because who wouldn’t like it? Every man enjoys just being around gorgeous women.
  2. Motivation. We all know when we get something beautiful in our life, whether it’s a car, house, or a woman, we feel awesome and full of power. Sugar babies are fairies in it.
  3. Higher status. Your friends and colleagues are gonna get to know who’s the boss. When a man can afford to be with a young hot model, he’s automatically on another level.
  4. You got no obligations. You don’t need to fake, hide, and lie as it happens with a traditional girlfriend. You have an arrangement, so you’re to do anything you want.
  5. Setting up your own rules. You just decide what you want from this relationship and find a baby who agrees on that. If she doesn’t, just change a girl.

There can be many other benefits in it if we dig deeper into this lifestyle. Daddies enjoy their lives every day and they’re an example of how to live your best days. Don’t hesitate to try and follow your soul. If you’re interested, it means you’re not okay with your current life and you need something you change. Why put off a really important thing like enjoying your only life?

Sugar baby definition

Now let’s talk about a girl in this type of relationship. Not many know, but she gets not less than a man from this. And it’s not only cash.

Sugar baby is a girl who gets money and presents from a daddy. She gives him her attention like visiting nice places with him, going on vacations and just being around. In most cases, they don’t have sex though it’s up to them. Sometimes it’s one of the sugar terms, while sometimes it’s not.

Babies are mostly college girls or just girls who didn’t come from rich families. They work hard to achieve their goals and the fastest way to make some money is to use their natural beauty. Why not do this if God gave it to them? It’s pretty natural that men want to give them presents because that’s what real men are supposed to do.

Sugar babies also live their best lives with fancy places, expensive trips, brandy clothes, and jewelry. They get it all from daddies, and they don’t mind it. We live in a time when no one is ashamed anymore, so they make their vlogs telling how it all happens and what the advantages are.

Sugar baby lifestyle

Babies do their best to get anything they want in life. They’re definitely not silly girls who’re just messing around. They’re getting a higher education, working on their businesses, or helping their families. Sometimes sugar dating is a good chance for foreign women to earn some money.

But even girls can be surprised when they enter the sugar world. If she doesn’t go cheap and chooses a nice daddy with much money, she gets everything she wants. For the first time, a babe can pick up not the richest one, but then she realizes her so-called colleges get more money. That’s when her price starts to rise.

Some girls are limited with cash and the latest iPhones, but some don’t end up on this. Babies who know how to look and behave can be millionaires. They get cars, houses, and unlimited money just for being sweet sugar babies for their daddies. Hugh Hefner’s widow didn’t get inheritance, but she’s a rich woman who can afford anything. Just like most of the girls who ever dated him.

Take a closer look at celebrities. There are many singers and actresses who get success from being someone’s baby. Yeah, maybe they didn’t call themselves this way (or did, who knows), but still, there are many more babies around than you think.

Benefits of being a sugar baby

If there wasn’t enough for you, let’s state the benefits for being a baby too.

  • Paying your bills. If it was a problem for you, you can decide it forever. Closing your basic needs is much easier than you think.
  • Get a higher education. Expensive colleges or universities aren't limited to you anymore. Daddy would love to help you become a smarter baby.
  • Start a business. Girls have their secret weapon, their beauty. Don’t hesitate to use it for achieving your goals.
  • Better your life level. Every girl dreams about fancy clothes, trips abroad, and all the expensive things to take pictures for Instagram. You’ll get it from daddy.
  • Being a blogger. Saying about social media, you can post all these luxury lifestyles to your blog and gain followers. Then you’ll monetize it and make blogging your job.
  • Supporting your family. Most babes don’t come from rich families, so you might have to help your parents. You’ll get so much money from daddy that you can afford it all.
  • Make your dream come true. No matter what dream you have, it’s 99% you can reach it with money. Think about what you want.

Well, we all know happiness is not money when you can decide all your problems with … But who knows, what’s happiness then? Be brave to change your life and make yourself happy getting what you want. You can set up your rules, make as much money as you want, and enjoy life.

How to become a sugar daddy?

It might seem easy, but not for all. To start a sugar lifestyle, you don’t need anything but your desire. Moreover, there are so many girls that you don’t even need to be a millionaire to get a baby. Just match her desires. And now, here's a little guide on how to start from a newcomer and end up with an experienced sugar daddy.

1. Decide what you want

It’s important because you have to understand what baby you’re looking for. They all are different, and you have to clearly set up your rules. If you’re going to hide some expectations or think “Oh, now we’ll make an arrangement and then we’ll figure it out,” stop. It doesn’t work this way. You’d probably waste your and her time or be disappointed in sugar dating just because you didn’t follow this advice.

Make your clear rules. What do YOU want? You want her to come twice a week to chill out and go to nice places? You want her to act like your girlfriend or hide from your friends? Do you want to have sex with her? What kind of this do you want to have?

When you make your arrangement with a baby, make sure she understands all of your desires right.

2. Make a plan

According to your expectations and desires, you have to make a plan of how it all will work. How many times a week or month you’re going to meet her? When can she call you or when do you call her? What are the main things she has to do? All these rules will help you both to follow what you’ve agreed on, and don’t forget about it when something goes wrong.

Anyway, when you make a plan, nothing will go wrong. If you see she’s a smart girl who knows what she’s going, you both will be respectful to each other and your “job.” Treat her the way you want to be treated by her.

3. Choose a place to search

If you’re going to the bar or some public place to go searching for sugar babes, slow down. The only effective place to do that is the Internet. No, really, people search here even for a wife, so why someone still thinks babies will make announcements in a newspaper about themselves.

But make sure you picked up the right site because it’s really important. There are some low-quality platforms where appropriate girls sign up. And there are high-level websites when you can find an awesome babe looking like a supermodel. Choose a site from our recommendations, and you’ll never lose.

4. Start searching

Every good site has an awesome searching filter. You can find a girl by her nationality, hair color, body shape, and preferences. This way, she can find you too and text you first. Don’t mind to be picky and wait till you find the girl you really like. Be a boss on this site, but don’t act impolitely. Girls can refuse to date you too, so you better make her like you too.

Anyway, here you’re free to get any girl you want. It depends on how you match each other and what your expectations are. She might want more money than you can afford or she can refuse to make sex. Don’t be upset, she’s not the one. Just keep searching. One week or month is usually enough to find one. Don’t make it all in one day.

5. Make an interview

According to all your preferences, make sure you both understand yourselves. You have to ask her all the questions you’re interested in. Let her say her expectations, what she's going to give, and what she expects to get. It’s a common thing when you just have different ways, so be sure in all the details not to waste your time on her.

Your first date isn't a romantic meeting, but a partnership one. Be pretty serious about asking everything.

6. Decide if she’s good for you

If you feel you like her, don’t hurry up with making an arrangement. After a date, it’s better to take time and think. The best option is to choose between 2-3 of them. You should feel like you have a choice and you don’t have to settle for less.

7. Make an arrangement

Do you see she’s gorgeous and she can bring what you want to your life? Awesome! Ask her if she thinks the same about you and suggest her make an arrangement. You can write it down but it won’t have a legal force anyway. It’s better to speak all the rules in your relationships and agree that you both will follow them.

Don’t make any expensive gifts on the first date and don’t give her money if you see her for the first time. Remember about your safety too. Set up when you’ll give her money and how often you’ll meet. You have to be sure you both understand your expectations, or if something isn't clear, ask about it.


All in all, it’s your sugar relationships, and it’s up to you what to do with your life. The main rule is to remember it’s not a basic relationship instead of searching for love this way. You’ll be disappointed then. But when you enter a sugar world, you’ll understand what’s like to enjoy your life to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to change something and be ready for true changes!